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One of Our More Effective Forms Treatment is Laser Therapy.

Tampa Disc and Spine Center provides each of our patients with the best in non-invasive spine treatment. Laser Therapy is entirely safe and does not carry the risks and complications associated with long term pain medication use and back surgery.

Non-Surgical & Effective!

There are many non-invasive methods of back pain relief out there that can eliminate discomfort without any recover time. At Tampa Disc & Spine Center, Laser Therapy is one of the treatments we use to alleviate back pain and stimulate healing in our patients. Many people find that they experience immediate results after a short laser therapy session.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is an alternative method of treatment where the injured body part is exposed to lasers of low intensity. These lasers stimulate the cells and tissues and speed up the healing process. It is a highly effective treatment for acute soft tissue injuries, chronic pain syndromes, back pain and slow healing wounds.

The laser offers the ability to give you an improved level of safe, non-invasive, drug free pain relief.
There are many conditions can be treated by low level laser therapy. It has been particularly helpful in conditions that are often stubborn or difficult to treat, including:

  • Fractures and non-union fractures
  • Nerve pain (Neuropathic pain) e.g. from disc injuries
  • Ulcers such as diabetic ulcers
  • Post-operative care: Post-operative pain, tendon repair, post mastectomy lymphedema, and infected wounds
  • Burns
  • Inflammatory conditions, bursitis, tendonitis, myositis, synovitis, fasciitis and other inflammatory conditions of the tissues
  • Assists in tissue repair like ligament sprains and strains, burns, wound repairs, bed sores, ulcers, muscle tears, sports injuries and lacerations
  • Joint pains such as arthritis, rheumatic pain, joint pain like ankle, shoulder, hip and knee, carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatic pain
  • Acute and chronic pain control for back, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, RSI, rheumatoid arthritis, calcification, tendonitis, head and neck injuries, vertebrogenic and discogenic radiculopathy and neuralgia
  • Skin lesions such as diabetic ulcers, acne and dermatological problems

How Low Level Laser Therapy Works

The treatment involves the application of red and near infra-red light over the injury. Laser and LED beams of light are used to stimulate the cells in the body that repair tissue, reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

These devices and are typically not very large in size and tend to be handheld. The laser is strategically placed over the spine for approximately half a minute to a few minutes. The amount of time varies and depends on the dose that is provided and how large the injury is that is being treated.

During the time the laser is placed over the injury, photons of light are let off from the laser and penetrate through the layers of skin with the capability of penetrating 2 – 5 cm under the skin.

After the light energy penetrates the skins’ layers it reaches the targeted location and is absorbed with the light sensitive elements within the cell. Photosynthesis is a comparison you might use –plants absorb the sunlight, which is changed into energy that plants then use to grow.

After this energy from the light is absorbed, a series of events within the cell begin that is thought to result in repairing damaged tissue, reducing pain, inflammation, edema and reducing the time it takes to heal by increasing intracellular metabolism. It can stimulate all of the different types of cells such as muscle, cartilage, ligament, nerves, etc.

Therapeutic Benefits of Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy has been used by physicians for years on patients who have been searching for effective, alternative ways to relieve their pain. There have been over 2,000 clinical studies that have been published worldwide since 1967. Most of these clinical studies have proven low level laser therapy to be an effective way to alleviate pain. There are many therapeutic benefits to this type of therapy.

  • Laser therapy reduces inflammation, leading to less discomfort, less stiffness, and quicker recovery to normal joint and muscle function.
  • Laser therapy speeds up cellular reproduction and healing.
  • Laser therapy stimulates fibroblast development and quickens collagen synthesis in damaged tissue leading to faster healing of wounds.
  • Laser therapy reduces scar tissue formation which leads to healing that is more complete and has a lesser chance of weakness and even re-injury later on.
  • Laser therapy increases blood flow to the injured area.
  • Laser therapy can speed up the processes of nerve cells, which may lead to less numbness and pain that is often associated with conditions that are nerve-related.

Other Advantages of Low Level Laser Therapy

The low level laser treatment has many benefits. It is non-toxic and non-invasive.
In addition, low level laser therapy offers safe and speedy results and can be used directly following an injury, over pins, plates, and even bony prominences. It provides patients with pain relief that is drug free without the side-effects that so many anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers might have. Low level laser therapy decreases inflammation, reduces the amount of time it may take to heal, and offers a relief of back pain improving the overall quality of life.

Is Low Level Laser Therapy Safe?

Low level laser therapy is not harmful. There is no heating effect with the LLLT laser and the intensity of the laser and LEDs is not high like a surgical laser. Lasers used for tissue stimulation do not have enough strength to cause damage to cells. Clinical studies over a span of 30 years as well as use within actual clinics have shown only mild and very infrequent negative effects. There are typically no negative effects from this type of laser therapy.

Frequency of Treatments

The number of therapy sessions required to relieve your knee pain depends on the severity of your condition. The good news is that because low level lasers don’t generate heat, this treatment option is completely painless. While some patients may experience a slight tingling sensation, many feel nothing at all during the process.
Surgery should always be a last resort when it comes to treating back pain.


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